Wasp Nest Removal Sidcup

wasp nest removal sidcupHaving a wasps nest in your home is a very unpleasant situation to be in. Don’t panic – ABBA pest control can help. We offer a professional wasp nest removal sidcup service.

Wasps build elaborate nests made from a papery substance. This is produced when workers mix wood scraped from trees, fence posts or materials scraped from dried grasses with saliva. Nests can be located hanging from trees, bushes and hedges, or beneath roof tiles, in attics, garages, etc.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you have a wasps nest – check out this selection of images here and you should be able to identify it.

We have over 40 years of experience and wasps nest removal is one of our most common call-outs.

Whilst you can attempt the removal yourself it is highly unadvised to do so. With a situation like this you are much better off leaving it to the trained professionals.

ABBA Pest Control is a family run business and we like nothing more than satisfied customers, of which we have had hundreds over the years. We can provide testimonials from them if you are interested then just ask!

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and always ready to attend call-outs. Our team always use discreet vehicles so avoid any embarrassment for you as a customer – particularly if you are calling from a restaurant or business.

Wasp Nest Removal Sidcup

Please be careful approaching a wasps nest, avoid it completely if you can and get in touch with us. We have over 40 years of knowledge and can easily solve your problem in a safe manner. Send us an email to info@abbapestcontrol.co.uk or to contact us for free advice or to book an appointment please call our friendly staff on:

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