Pest Control of Birds

abba-pest-control-of-birdsThe most common request for the pest control of birds is the instantly recognisable Pigeon or feral Pigeon. There are of course many varities of pigeon, none of them particularly welcome when in big numbers.

Feral Pigeon

The Feral pigeon is wide spread throughout the country and can be a serious pest in towns and cities. Nesting on buildings and ledges, they cause large amounts of fouling and damage to buildings and vehicles. Droppings can also make pavements, steps and external fire escapes slippery.

Pigeons can transmit Salmonella food poisoning, ornithosis and fowl pest.

House Sparrow

One of the most common of the garden birds, the House sparrow is found throughout our towns and cities. Their droppings can contaminate foodstuffs and their presence often leads to the introduction of insect pests such as Dermestid beetles.

These birds may become major pests of food manufacturing sites and supermarkets, where they enter the premises through open doors and windows, often finding suitable nesting sites indoors.


Starlings are everywhere. These gregarious birds can be seen throughout the UK and flock together at dusk to roost in vast numbers. Occasionally, tree branches and power lines can break under the weight of roosting Starlings! During the winter months, the UK native Starling population is added to by millions of birds migrating from northern and eastern Europe.

Damage caused by droppings produced at starling roosts can be tremendous, and the noise and smell are overpowering.

Pest Control of Birds

If you are currently experiencing problem or pest birds and you need some pest control of birds to get rid of them then give one of our friendly team a call on 07850 839655 or 020 8300 3496, we might even be able to help you over the phone with some free advice or if not then we can arrange a visit from us at a convenient time.


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