Pest Control of Cockroaches

pest-control-of-cockroachesIn the UK there are a range of species of Cockroaches, we often get calls about them as they are able to survive well outdoors in the UK weather. These guidelines can help you to understand the reasons behind their habitat and survival. If you do have a roach problem and need to call in the experts then we are very experienced in the pest control of cockroaches.

Common Cockroach

The Common, or Oriental cockroach, is well-established throughout the UK. These insects prefer cooler environments to the German cockroach and tend to be found deep within building fabric.

This makes infestations of the Common cockroach difficult to control, as getting insecticide to the harbourages can be difficult, if not impossible. These pests can be found almost anywhere, from kitchens to cellars, in wall cavities, around fire places, in rubbish dumps and virtually any work environment.

These insects are often confused with ground beetles.

German Cockroaches

Sometimes referred to as the “Steam fly” due to their preferred habitat of hot, moist environments. They can be a major pest of laundries, hospitals, kitchens, restaurants, bars and even blocks of flats.

They do not live deep within the building fabric, but close to the surface and although this should make them easier to control, it does not. This is due to their liking of very small harbourages (down to 0.2cm), making the location of these harbourages difficult. German cockroaches can survive quite happily inside coffee machines, under bar counters, around the door seals of refrigerators and even in sink overflows.

The large number of eggs in an egg capsule along with the relatively short hatching time can quickly produce very large infestations.

Pest Control of Cockroaches

Similar to beetles, we get quite a lot of calls related to cockroaches. If you are currently experiencing any sort of cockroach infestation or invasion and need some pest control of cockroaches then give one of our expert team a call on 07850 839655 or 020 8300 3496, for advice or to arrange a visit from us.


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