Wasp Nest Removal Plumstead

If you have discovered a wasps nest in your home or business then don’t panic. It is a nasty problem to have but thankfully one that can be resolved easily. At ABBA we have been dealing with wasp nest removal plumstead for many many years. Probably the most common call-out we get is for wasp or hornets nest removal – especially during the summer months. We are very experienced in dealing with and eradicating them fully.

wasp nest removal plumsteadWasps tend to build nests in places such as lofts, garages, hanging from tress, in bushes and hedges or beneath roof tiles. On the surface they look like they are made of a papery sort of substance. Take a look at this picture of one, if what you have found looks similar to this then proceed with caution when near it. The best thing to do is give us a call immediately – even if it’s just for some advice. We speak to a lot of customers with this problem and rest assured we will resolve any issues with the minimum of fuss. We are proud members of the NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association) and regularly send our staff for training so that we keep up with the latest techniques in the field of pest control.

If you have been stung by one of the wasps from the nest, check out the good advice available from Allergy UK about what to do.

Emergency Wasp Nest Removal Plumstead

Please be careful approaching a wasps nest, avoid it completely if you can and get in touch with us. We have over 40 years of knowledge and can easily solve your problem in a timely and safe manner. Send us an email to info@abbapestcontrol.co.uk or to contact us for free advice or to book an appointment please call our friendly staff on:

07850 839655 / 020 8300 3496